Innovations in Medical Education and Training (IMET) provides accredited continuing medical education for physicians and residents in multiple specialties. IMET offers live, hands-on training workshops, which utilize unembalmed cadavers and surgical simulators as enhanced resources for learning. Using these tools to transform the knowledge gained in the classroom into functional skills that can be implemented in the clinical setting, IMET helps physicians improve surgical proficiency and confidence.

"Fabulous! The most perfect mechanism for reinforcing theories and principles."
- Richard Richardson, MD

"Exellent clinical information. Very relevant to my Gyn practice."
- Raul Yordan, MD

"Very educational. I enjoyed it. The instructors were down to earth and very helpful. Well done, keep it up."
- Ikechukwu Steven Madu, MD

"I feel confident starting to do these procedures. In the past, I have been referring these to other doctors."
- Eve Tucker, MD

"Extremely well done with lots of time for hands-on. I appreciated the very small groups for labs, which is often not the case in other labs I've attended."
- Stephanie Fisher, MD

Laparoscopic and Vaginal Approaches to Hysterectomy and Pelvic Floor Repairs
Including the following lectures and labs:
• Dissectional Anatomy
• Laparoscopic Suturing & Knot-Tying
• Using Energy & Electrosurgery in Laparoscopy & Vaginal Surgery
• Laparoscopic Myomectomy
• Laparoscopic & Vaginal Hysterectomy
• Avoiding & Managing Complications of Pelvic Surgery
• The Lost Art of Vaginal Surgery
• Cystoscopy
• Sacrocolpopexy & Uterosacral Colposuspension
• Sling Procedures

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